Deborah provides a very safe and comfortable environment in which I can fully explore the issues and concerns I have. She does a great job of taking the situation at hand and getting to the 'nuts and bolts' of the mater that allows me to see things for what they are. Her perspective and insight are always non-judgemental. She has given me tools that are easy to use in everyday life and have helped reduce stress and anxiety.

When I fist came to see Deborah, my life was falling apart. Deborah let me rant and rave and get things out. Since my circumstances were event specific, she helped me learn to cope on a day to day basis. She helped me figure out what my part was in the situation, as well as to recognize those things over which I had no control.

Deborah has a way of getting to the root of an issue. She has the ability to provide a clearer perspective of what might be going on. She is able to look at the many variables and boil them down to something that is coherent and makes sense to me. She has lots of little anecdotes to which I can relate. I almost always feel better when I leave her office. 

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